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Cintropur Trio UV

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Product Information

Complete set for the purification of rainwater or groundwater that:

  •  Filters
    • Cyclonic operation by means of the centrifugal screw that precipitates larger particles into the lower part of the clock. This is followed by a finer filtration by means of a filter fleece, which can be adjusted from 5μ to 25μ, in order to retain all suspended particles.
  • Purifies
    • Treatment with activated carbon rids the water of unpleasant odours and flavours, as well as pesticides and herbicides. The holder, which contains the activated carbon, has been specially developed for reuse. The activated carbon can easily be replaced by unscrewing the removable lid.
  • Sterilizes
    • Sterilization of water via UVc to guarantee its bacteriological quality. This application is particularly suitable for the integral treatment of rainwater.

The Trio UV is available in 25 W version and 40 W version.

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