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SynRM motor

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The ABB SynRM motor is a synchronous reluctance motor with the highest efficiency on the market (up to IE5)
Synchronous reluctance technology combines the performance of permanent magnet motors with the simplicity and ease of maintenance of induction motors because they do not contain any rare earth materials in permanent magnets. The rotor in a synchronous reluctance motor has no magnets or windings and suffers virtually no power loss. And because there are no magnetic forces in the rotor, maintenance is as simple as with induction motors.
A SynRM motor must always be controlled by a frequency converter.
The big energy gain compared to an asynchronous motor is mainly at lower speeds. Here, the SynRM motor is up to 12% more efficient than an IE3 motor.

We would be happy to calculate for you, for your new or existing pump installation, what the energy gain and payback time is between a standard IE3 motor and a SynRM IE5 motor. In most installations, this extra investment is earned back within 12 to 18 months!

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