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Chromatic C240 WF Sensoflat

Type:Chromatic C240 WF Sesnoflat
Max. flow:10,0 m³/h
Max. head:8,0 m
Medium temperature:Max. 40°C (continuous) - 60°C shortly

Product Information

Automatic extraction at low water levels from 5 mm to prevent greater flooding in rooms without a pump shaft or drain, e.g. due to high water, torrential rain, pipe breakage or faulty washing machine. As an emergency pump in the event of flooding.

The cooling jacket with overhead discharge connection ensures excellent motor cooling at low water level (slurping operation). The sensor switch switches the pump on automatically at a water level of only 5 mm. Residual water is pumped out up to 2 mm.

  • Setup: Stationary or transportable.
  • Medium: Clean or dirty water
  • with solids up to 3 mm grain size.
  • Max. temperature of the medium: 35°C, briefly up to 60°C.
  • Operation: Intermittent
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