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Klaus Union


Merk:Klaus Union
Max. debiet:5000 m³/u
Max. differentieel druk:100 bar
Medium temperatuur:van -120°C tot +350°C
Materialen:Gietstaal, RVS, Duplex, Super Duplex, enz.
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Product Information

Horizontal 2 spindle screw pump in cartridge design built according to API 676-3e edition.

This self-priming volumetric pump is suitable for low, medium or high pressure (up to 100 bar) and is used in chemistry, loading and unloading of ships and trucks, bitumen production and transport, pumping of oil/water/gas mixtures in the extraction of oil (multiphase), etc.

Due to its cabinet design, the pump is available for both “in-line” and “left in/out” or “right in/out” versions.

If necessary, the pump can be designed to pump in both directions. This is for example to empty the filling hose of a truck at the end.

The cartridge design ensures that the complete insert-unit with screws, liner, shaft seals, bearings etc. can be easily disassembled on site which is impossible for most competitors. This greatly reduces downtime. In just a few hours a 2000 m³/h pump is changed from cartridge.

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