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EV-EH Drive

Max. power:15,0 kW
Tension:1~230V, 3x230V, 3x400V
IP-value:IP66 (in combination with IP55)

Product Information

Our horizontal and vertical multistage centrifugal pumps are available with a high-efficiency AEG motor with built-in frequency converter.
Other pump types with standard standard motors can also be equipped with our drives.

Available for motors up to 15 kW.
Permanent magnet motors are also possible.
Supply voltage 1~230V, 3x230V and 3x400V available.
Due to the built-in LCD display and the specific Flowmotion pump software, they can easily be used for all your applications.
Control is possible based on flow, pressure, temperature, differential pressure, level, etc.
Software for alternance and cascade control between 2 pumps is pre-programmed. (Ideal for use as circulation pumps, boiler feed pumps, small pressure boosters, etc.).
For applications with more than 2 pumps, Flowmotion supplies an additional control box with microprocessor for alternance and cascade control.

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