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Saniboy G, Sanimaster G

Type:Saniboy G - Sanimaster G
Max. flow:21 m³/h
Max. head:28 m
Max. temperature:35°C - shortly to 60°C
Materials:MDPE, cast iron
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Product Information

MDPE plastic tank with 1 (Saniboy G) or 2 (Sanimaster G) constructed Homa cutting pumps for the drainage of faeces to the upper sewerage system.

The units are made for floor mounting.
Incoming pipe at 180 mm or 250 mm (centre) from the floor.
Supply voltage: 1~230V or 3x400V.
The units are standard equipped with a control box with automatic level control.

These systems are often used for pumping away waste water from toilet trucks at festivals over long distances.
Flowmotion supplies fully equipped sets for this purpose.

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