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Sanimaster PE – VA

Type:Sanimaster PE - VA
Max. flow:200 m³/h
Max. head:36 m
Medium temperature:Max. 35°C (continuous) - 60°C shortly
Materials:MDPE, Stainless Steel

Product Information

MDPE lifting station for floor installation. In addition to the PE tank, 1 or 2 dry submersible pumps will be installed for pumping waste and waste water to the higher-level sewerage system. Version with stainless steel tank is also available (VA).

Due to the dry installation of the pumps, periodic maintenance is very easy and the collection capacity of the PE tank is maximised.
Pumps can be selected with vortex, channel or cutting impeller.
MDPE tank capacity: 400 litres (several tanks can be connected).
Contents stainless steel tank: 180, 300, 500 or 1000 liters
The pumps are supplied complete with gate valves, beam valves, switch box, level measurement, etc.

Optional: an emergency manual pump can be supplied.

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