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Max. debiet600 m³/u
Max. opvoerhoogte100 m
Max. temperatuur350°C (400°C op aanvraag)
MaterialenNodulair gietijzer, RVS
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Product Information

Single-stage magnetic coupled centrifugal pump (dimensions according to EN733 standard) for circulating thermal oil (max. 350°C) , hot water (max. 160°C) or condensate (max. 160°C).
The pump is assembled on a pedestal (u-profile with external fixings), a KTR coupling, protective cover and an electric motor of your choice (Siemens, WEG, ATB, etc.).
The pump is standard equipped with a magnetic coupling with Hastelloy isolating bush.
Optionally we offer a Zirconia Oxide isolating bus to avoid the transmission losses.
The pump is optionally available completely made of stainless steel for application in (petro)chemistry, refrigeration (up to -100°C), etc.

The large pumps are fitted with a centre-line suspension to avoid tensions due to expansion.

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